Linux Mint

Linux mint is a free gnu/linux operating system, created in 2006 from ubuntu, itself based on debian. It is made for personal computers as good as windows or mac os and is a “modern, elegant and comfortable system, both powerful and easy to use”.

The first version of linux mint appeared in August 2006 under the code name “ada”. This version was based on the kubuntu distribution. In December 2006, three months later, version 2.0 named “barbara” was released. This version will be the first one based directly on ubuntu, which uses the gnome 2 desktop environment. The next major change comes in June 2007 with the release of version 4 named “daryna”.

Indeed, the distribution adopts the same release cycle as that of ubuntu, i.e. a new version every six months. Previously, the releases of the versions were uneven and of three months maximum. From December 2008 and the release of version 6 named “felicia”, linux mint is completely based on the latest version of ubuntu.